A Healing Place for Hurting People


All of us are hurting in one way or another.  Perhaps it's due to divorce, financial troubles, health issues, job loss, or damaged relationships. Or perhaps you can't put your finger on any particular cause, but you still feel a vague sense of anxiety, unfulfillment, or insecurity.  There's no doubt about it, life has its share of difficulties that can leave all of us feeling battered, bruised, and at times totally crushed.


Where can you go when you are hurting?  Is there a place of safety where you can be yourself and feel accepted and loved?  


We at First Lutheran Church have made it our mission to be a safe, healing place for people in all walks of life.  Wherever you are on life's journey, we want to embrace you, encourage you, and let you know that God is with you. 


We want to share with you the message about our dear Heavenly Father, who loves us and offers healing and restoration no matter what we have been through in life.  He wants to set us free from the things that are holding us in bondage, whether they are our own sins and failings, or the everyday circumstances of life.  He wants to forgive us, breathe new life into us, and offer us eternal life with Him in heaven.  He wants to do all this because of Jesus, who took our pain and sin upon Himself when He died on the cross, and crushed their power over us forever.  He rose again to show that He is victorious over all the circumstances of life, even over death itself.


Are you hurting . . . ?


Let us be your healing place!



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